Can you Date and Remain Single Simultaneously?

Every relationship has its own shades of grey. so what should you do if you are committed to commitment and yet can’t help fantasizing about a perfect situation or a perfect person? Shouldn’t you feel guilty or ashamed? Or should you flip on merrily as if you don’t care? Let’s get a reality check from real people and real professionals.

A Millennial Speaks

A 21-year-old confesses that despite sleeping with her boyfriend for the last 5 years, she does not mind going on casual dates. She does not consider it cheating. As she puts it, she makes it to get a break from the fear of getting “stagnant” in any type of relationship. When you have been in a relationship for many years, it is normal to wonder whether you are continuing the relationship just because you have got used to it. Is the relationship actually bringing you happiness? Do you enjoy making it out with him, or do you feel that he can enjoy it more with Mumbai call girls? You might further wonder whether you are actually comfortable or content with how things go every day.

The question that Might Arise

After many years of commitment to a single person, you might feel that you have nothing new to explore or give to your partner. At times, you might even wonder what you have been doing with your man throughout these years. You can still be in doubt about marrying the man or settling down with him. And this is exactly where the idea of staying single, at least mentally, comes from. You want to take a break and see how things go without a constant date. This is not because you don’t find your partner attractive anymore. However, you might feel that staying single for a while can be fun. There is likely to be less mental baggage and more carefree time. It can also give you the chance to do things that you might not have done for long- for example, hitting on the sexy Manchester escorts. With scope to explore forbidden fun and with no one to text if you return home at night, the prospect of staying single, even when in a relationship, sounds inviting. 

A Psychologist Speaks

The in-house psychologist of a very reputed dating site shares that she has interviewed many people engaged in long-term relationships. Many of them admit that they miss how things used to be when they had no partner. While they are not exactly in an unhappy relationship and have no intention to switch partners, these people don’t mind staying alone and are not lonely to discover their take on romantic relationships. And seasoned psychologists confirm that there is nothing unnatural or wrong with such fantastical thoughts and ideas. It can only be a ‘safety valve’ to those who feel things can be a little different.

When is it time to quit?

Unfortunately, some relationships are not going to stay forever. And you might consider drifting apart when you sense the red flags. It can be the time to call it quits when you constantly find each other annoying or lose mutual respect and trust. Staying together might seem to be a drag, and fantasizing Brisbane escorts become the idea of fun. And if you have a persistent mental craving to stay single, then it could be your time to make it.

Move On or Stay Single?

This entirely depends on what you want for yourself. However, just like it happens in any relationship, you could use some healing time to start dating again. Staying alone might seem to be a tempting idea, but it can make you uncomfortable if you have been together for a long time. And if you still feel the urge to follow or stalk your ex on social media and similar platforms, then you might not yet be ready to start everything anew.