Hidden Secret About TS Escorts Inverness

Just because something is not being discusses openly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. There are a lot of things that many people have no idea of about ts escorts Inverness. Many of these secrets are positive and this is the reason why, the number of ts escorts is increasing by day. What we however have no idea about is the fact that there are some disadvantages of working as a ts escorts. These escorts have had their own taste of painful moments and disappointments that they never come out openly to discuss about. Luckily those working under invernessescort.com are shielded from most of these challenges.

Reality About TS Escorts

Below are some of the things very few people know about TS escorts.

  • They Enjoy Working in the Adult Industry

According to data from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, roughly 13% of the transgender community has worked in the sex business. Ts escorts Inverness women and other transfeminine people are twice as likely as transmasculine people to work in the sex trade, while transgender men and transmasculine people make up around a quarter of all transgender sex workers. These figures show that there are more trans guys working in the sex business than previously thought, especially since many resources and debates concerning transgender sex workers are geared toward transgender women.

Other data, such as a lack of family support, job loss due to transgender status, and homelessness, were greater among transgender people who had engaged in the sex trade than among those who had not.

  • They are Vulnerable

In general, escorts appear to be at high risk for major health issues associated with their jobs, including as physical and sexual assault, robbery, murder, physical and mental health issues, and drug and alcohol addiction. Transgender escorts encounter a lot of discrimination both inside and outside the sex business, and they’re more likely to get HIV and be abused as a result of their work.


Invernessescort.com does the best it can to ensure their ts escorts Inverness and clients are safe all the time.